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    What does a4j:repeat stateSaved attribute do?

    Thomas Buckley Newbie

      I recently encounted a problem that I managed to solve by applying the stateSaved attribute=true.

      It was purely accidental that I stumbled across this attribute and fix for my problem.


      My problem and fix:



      I cannot find any documentation on what the attribute actually does.


      The following API docs contain no info:



      Could someone please explain what is actually does?


      On a side not, for any Richfaces contributors/developers that may be reading this:


      I was recently asked by a collegue on my experiences of Richfaces and if I would recomend using it.

      I honestly could not recommend it to him.

      My main reasons been:

      1 - The poor community support (Just a lack of people using it I suppose)

      2 - The poor documentaion (My point in this question, a vast amount o the API docs contain no description beside the attributes.)


      There is probably not a whole lot you can do to address point 1 apart from trying to entice more people to use it (A strart might be to address point 2).

      Surely point 2 could be addressed? Surely it is trivial for the developer to add a quick comment to the attribuite description when creating/editing the component/attribute in question?