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    Please advise best conversion approach from JBoss 4 to 7

    markorocko Newbie

      Hi guys.  I've been assigned a daunting task to take our current JBoss 4.0.2 server and to get our code base up and running on AS 7.

      An additional nice to have would be to get our EJB 2.0 up and running with the current version as well.

      I'm a little overwhelmed as this sounds difficult and I'm more on the app side, not so much into architecture.

      Please send any thoughts, approach, or experience you might be able to share.


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          Wolf-Dieter Fink Master

          Hi Markorocko,

          welcome to the forum


          I think it is very difficult. It depends to your application, how big it is and what components are used.

          From my experience it is a good idea to move to EE5 or EE6. With this approach you will get rid of the XML by use annotations, have dependency injection.

          This will shrink that code dramatic and make the business code more transparent and maintainable.


          If you use XDoclet I think it will be difficult and you might have to adapt XDoclet because there is no maintenace at all.


          Also if you have a spec conform application it will more easy to migrate.