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    Ear class isolation problem

    Sid Sharma Newbie

      I have 2 ears deployed within single Jboss AS 6 server.



      ------ Jar1


               -----Class3 (invokes instance of Class2 via reflection)




             ----------Class2 extends Class1


      Class3 loads Class2 using reflection. Class2 extends Class1 to maintain contract. Both the ears are isloated since there are conflicts amongst version of various classes.


      After isloation, Class3 cannot access Class2. I tried packaging Class2 separately in a jar under default/lib. After this, Class2 could be instantiated but then it fails since Class2 cannot access Class1.


      . I've been trying to solve this problem since 2 days but to no avail.


      Can anyone provide pointers since I need to package and deploy this in production?