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    Seam 3 with Tomcat 7

    Vinod Damodaran Newbie

      We are planning on using Seam 3, but we are not planning on using any EJBs, but just POJOs. Does it make sense for us to use JBoss AS or Apache Tomcat?

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          Jason Porter Master

          You'd be better off to still use an App Server such as JBoss AS, GlassFish or TomEE that has proper integration with all the parts you'll be using (such as JTA, JPA, perhaps JSF and JMS etc).

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            hantsy bai Master

            Why so care about EJB and POJOs?

            EJB 3.1 is also pojo, u can use Local None interface  bean directly.


            For my experience before, I think if you want to use Seam3  you shoule use JBoss AS to avoid some strange problems on other AS. I think tomcat is not a good choice for Seam3, the core of Seam3 maybe no problem, but I encountered problem when use transaction, security issues on tomcat before.