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    Incorporatieing XML Template Parser for SQL

    Scott Newbie

      I have constructed a xml template parser engine for SQL (also useable for EJB QL, HTML exc..) that allows for a single finder method to locate/return ejb entities. In other words;

      findPersons(I_TemplateParams p);

      would allow the java client to find Persons given any search criteria with contained in the I_TemplateParams
      object. So if you were looking for Persons with First Names Like 'Chris' and Birthdays = '1/1/1968' Or Last
      Names In ('Hipschen','Andrews','Roberts') you would simply store all the search criteria in a object which
      implemented the I_TemplateParams interface and call above method .

      My code can be downloaded from

      I would like to incorporate this code into jboss, and I would appreciate sugesstions on how to proceed.

      Scott Morgan