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    Automatic restart for Jboss 7

    Abhijit Karpe Newbie



      Is there any support in Jboss 7 for an automatic restart upon crash?

      I believe there might be some external tools that can do this for me. However I wanted to first check if there are any server config settings that can help achieve this.


      Also how does this affect a domain based master-slave setup?

      If a instance goes down, does the host/domain controller bring up this instance automatically?


      Thanks in advance for your responses.




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          Wolf-Dieter Fink Master

          The domain mode of AS7 will have such features.


          If you start a domain server, one approach is that this server does not contain any server instance, each slave host instance contains one or more server instances in different jvm's.

          If a domain- host-controller or server crash it is automatic restarted by the monitoring process controller.

          The possibility that a crash will stop the complete domain is very low because the different instances are started in separate JVM's for that, also the process-, domain- and host-controller instances are not processing any business operations.


          But the benefit of a domain is more than that, you should read the documentation about the domain mode.




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            Abhijit Karpe Newbie

            Hey thanks for the response.


            I had already read the documentation (although not in very detail )

            I was earlier having issues with deploying my application in domain mode. Hence was looking at something different. However I recently got my domain setup working and now can look into the documentation in detail.


            Thanks again for your response. I will try this out and let you know how it goes.