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    UI complaints: Why are resources, groups, tables, etc. never sorted?

    Elias Ross Master

      RHQ (4.4 incl.) always displays, say, resources in the order they were created--perhaps by ID. So when viewing any table, I have to then click on the 'sort by name' column. Which is sort of pointless since the UI really should just sort by default by name, but I supposed ideally the order should be configurable or retained.


      I've also noticed sorting by ancestor resource name doesn't really work either. I'm guessing it's sorting by ancestor ID not the ancestor string itself. So if I'm checking if a resource exists in a pool of servers, and sort by the server name (which look like 'server001' 'server002', etc.) I can't really tell if one of the servers is missing from the list since sometimes 1-10 are shown with 5 showing up after 8 or something.


      I have a fairly large installation with 500+ servers, so compared to most other users these nagivation issues aren't much of a problem.


      Also, somewhat related to this is the column widths are fairly arbitrary. Some wide columns have a little bit of text and don't wrap, while some narrow columns have a lot of text and wrap all the time. For example, the Platform list has a completely empty (and useless) wide "Ancestor" column, yet the Version column is narrow and can't hold the name of the Linux version which is long. Better defaults for this would help.


      Maybe this is in the roadmap and I missed it. Anyway, any comments appreciated.