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    why the first row and second row style are different from others in <rich:datable>?

    peng_roger peng Newbie

        I want to simulate  feature like extentdatable selectionMode="single" attribute.when i click one of rows,only this style changed,others rows recover.


      xhtml file SC:


      rich:dataTable id="table" value="#{stockInBB.dataModel}" var="row" rowClasses="odd-row"

         rows="#{stockInBB.pager.pageSize}" selectionMode="single"


         frozenColumns="2" iterationStatusVar="it"




      Javacriipt file SC to simple:I just to change num1 style ,and i get it's ID like this:

         document.getElementById(XX).setAttribute('style','font-weight:bold !important');


      i can surely tell,i get the ID aready,but i change it's style on no consideration.