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    SWF popup + datable filter problem

    sureshtechspot Newbie

      Hi ,


      swf version  - 2.3.0

      rich faces    - 3.3.3

      Facelets   - 1.1.15B1


      I am trying to use data table filter in a spring web flow pop view.  Popup is gettting loadded by using sf:command link.

      Then  from the view state   popup="true"  attribute popup is getting rendered well.  In the  popup xhtml fragment,  I am using data table with filterEvent in the columns. When filter event is triggered filter happening properly. But the popup content is coming as a main page in the window. The main page is replacing with the popup content.


      With the below post I understood,




      if we give rendered=some component id then it will work.  But In my case the data table itself should render . So I tried by giving datatable id in rerender. But it is not working. Any ideas?


      Help will be appreciated.