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    Dynamic provide user login & password via remote connection from different thread

    Vadim Gusev Newbie



      I create remote connections with EjbClientContext and use following CallBackHandler to provide user information:



      class AuthenticationCallbackHandler implements CallbackHandler {
                          public void handle(Callback[] callbacks) throws IOException, UnsupportedCallbackException {
                                    for (Callback current : callbacks) {
                                              if (current instanceof NameCallback) {
                                                        NameCallback ncb = (NameCallback) current;
                                              } else if (current instanceof PasswordCallback) {
                                                        PasswordCallback pcb = (PasswordCallback) current;
                                              } else {
                                                        throw new UnsupportedCallbackException(current);


      now I use hardcoded user name and password for all invocations.


      But I need to do next: webconsole use many threads where it uses remote ejb, and each thread contain users information(many users could work with console at one time).

      I need to dynamically provide user information from different threads via remote connection, but I don't understand how to do that, because AuthenticationCallbackHandler handle invocations in another thread. How to put user information into this callback?