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    BPM5Processor - JBossESB


      Dear Community,


      I've successfully deployed a process on JBPM console. This process consists of different Task forms, Java and JBossESB work items (imported from public Service Repository)


      It would be ok if I only have to trigger it in console.


      But now I've got problem regarding triggering this process externally.


      My question is if it is possible to trigger this process by using BPM5Processor from JBossESB and how? The idea is that a message is sent to ESB to trigger this JBPM process


      As I read in the Service Guide, ESB can start a process that has been deployed to jBPM but all I can do is to start a simple process with script tasks within Eclipse. I got no idea how to make the BPM5Processor aware of a already deployed process.


      Would appreciate if anyone can give me some suggestions.


      I'm using:


      JBPM 5.2

      JBoss 5.1.0 GA

      JBoss ESB 4.11

      Java 7



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          you can triggered BPM process from ESB using the Bpm5Processor:



               class="org.jboss.soa.esb.services.jbpm5.actions.Bpm5Processor" name="jbpm5">
               <property name="process-definition-name" value="helloworld.bpmn"/>
               <property name="process-id" value="com.helloworld.bpm"/>
               <property name="process-action" value="startProcess"/>
               <property name="processHandlerClass" value="org.jbpm.task.service.hornetq.CommandBasedHornetQWSHumanTaskHandler"/>
               <property name="processHandlerHost" value=""/>
               <property name="processHandlerPort" value="5446"/>
               <property name="esbToBpmParams">


          You can find this example in the Bpm5 installer package. Property esbToBpmParams are the list of parameters you want to pass to the bpm engine.