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    Infinispan CDI on WAR project and dependency libraries

    Hendy Irawan Newbie

      Hi Infinispan developers,


      i'm having an issue with Infinispan CDI.


      The project is a WAR project will several sub-projects as JAR dependencies. e.g. commerce (war) depends on commerce-core (jar).


      I put the cache interceptor declarations on the WAR's WEB-INF/beans.xml.


      It works perfectly for classes on the WAR project. However, classes on the dependency JAR (commerce-core.jar) are not having cache enabled.


      In order for caching on commerce-core.jar to be enabled, I have to edit commerce-core's META-INF/beans.xml and add cache interceptors there.


      Given that caching should be a deployment configuration concern, it seems out of place to need to modify inner JARs in order to configure caching.


      Is this a bug or there is a better way?


      I'm using JBoss AS 7.1.1 on Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit, Infinispan CDI 5.1.4, and AS7-bundled Infinispan 5.1.2.


      Thank you.