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    JBOSS ActiveMQ results in frequent Production Outages

    bansi lal Newbie

      I found in the Inbound flow the PatientRegistrationRequestHandler.java class has

      method processObjects()  which has  following code snippet:


      // Persist activity

      activity = persistChange(serviceXml, basechange, integration);

      // Send Message to Queue

      sendMessageToQueue(activity, IJNDIConstants.SM_INBOUND_QUEUE);


      Please note neither of these methods have Transaction demarcation defined:

      Caller method :  processObjects()

      Called methods : persistChange() and sendMessageToQueue()

      So I am thinking of following annotations:



      protected PracticePartnerIntegrationActivity persistChange



      protectedvoid sendMessageToQueue(Serializable activity, String queueName)



      Please note I couldn't find either declarative or annotate transaction demarcation except persistence.xml as  enclosed

      I am planning to these transaction annotation. Please let me know your thoughts