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    Jboss application server

    ravi Kamble Newbie

      Hi there,


      I m using jboss application server 6.


      I am using jcryption library to encrypt and decrypt some information.


      What the library does is encrypts the data in java-script and decrypt in Java.For Every request the 'key' is changed.But we want to use single key.All the methods are static.So if I restart application server then it is showing 'RSA algorithm not supported' Exception.

              So we created an instance by using 'new' operator (JAVA)(Because there is a code in Constructor which must get executed before the decrypt method call)It is working fine in tomcat.Even if I restart the tomcat server then also the single key is used and data is decrypted properly.

              but the same code is not working on the Jboss application server.



      Ravi Kamble.



      The Decryption method I am using is a static one.