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    oracle removeException

    Martin Newbie

      hi there,

      configuration: win2k, jboss2.4.4, oracle7 for CMP (oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver)

      i use for my entity beans a compound key with 10 strings as fields. when i create an entity, the data is inserted into the right table. the findByPrimaryKey method works as well, but the store method has no effect to the tables in the database (from the log file: rows affected: 0). also the remove method fails (javax.ejbRemoveException could not remove ...)

      it seems strange to me that remove fails, cause i try to remove the entity i got from findByPrimaryKey, so IT IS in the database (i see the table by doing 'select * from ..' by hand)

      any suggestions?
      is it a known problem?

      ps: i'm sorry if this problem is already a thread, but i can't search through the forum, when i try to seek for more words then two i get only the first message found.

      thanks in advance