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    JBoss2.4.4 connect to MySql

    tommy Newbie

      A few months ago, I installed Redhat7.2 with Mysql embedded, my JBoss
      could connect with Mysql normally (The mysql in service, can be started automatically).

      But yesterday, I reinstall Redhat7.2 without mysql, afterward I manually installed a stale binary version --
      mysql-max-3.23.49a-pc-linux-gnu-i686.tar.gz, because it supports transaction tables. I can start and operate MySql normally, however JBoss hung here while connecting Mysql during starting (I checked the authentication, not any problem). I tried to config jboss.jcml to "localhost" and assigned IP, I still failed.

      Somebody can help solve the problem? I doubt that I probably need to put mysql in service (xinetd.d), but I have no idea on the config script to confirm that.