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    Intermittently pending human task come across a missing jbpm parent process in jBPM 5.2

    Jboss fan99 Newbie

      Env: Jboss 7.1.0, mysql DB, Redhat 5.5, jBPM 5.2


      When I thought I'm getting pretty good with jBPM and our application is about to be released, i came across this tough bug during extensive testing.

      Intermittently we're facing that pending human task has missing parent process instance and it results in nullpointerexception while completing that human task.


      I ran below SQL query to confirm this:

      select t.id, t.processInstanceId from Task t where t.processInstanceId not in (select distinct(InstanceId) from ProcessInstanceInfo);


      | id | processInstanceId |


      | 33 |                20 |

      | 43 |                20 |

      | 47 |                20 |

      | 53 |                20 |

      | 57 |                20 |



      Same code works fine most of the time. So I think it's not problem with our code but some bug in jBPM. MinaTaskServer is being used for our implementation.

      Also we use JTA persistence for jBPM core engine and RESOURCE_LOCAL for human task. We have to use RESOURCE_LOCAL for human task because JTA can't be used due to another jBPM bug.

      If I reinitialize the database, then everything works fine for a while but again I run into this problem.


      Please let us know how we can fix it, if anyone knows solution. I was about to create a blocker JIRA issue but thought let's first get community opinion on this.

      Exception stack trace is attached.