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    Stale JSP Cache Issues

    JBoss Developer Newbie

      I recently deployed a new version of my application to JBoss 4.2.3. However, my changes are not appearing when the pages are served by JBoss. I cleared the JSP cache located at:




      Restarting my webserver also did not work. All of the files with this problem use java include files. The include files changed with the new version of my application. However, JBoss does not seem to be detecting the changes in the include files. When I look at the date time stamp for the myJspFile_jsp.java file, it has not changed when I deployed the new version of the include file. I think the problem is that the myJspFile.jsp has not changed, but the contents of the file which it includes has changed.


      How can I force JBoss to detect the changed include file?