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    auto delete of queues

    Gerald Weber Newbie



      i use hornetq 2.2.14 in an embedded server with core api only, so no jms or hornetq-rest is used.


      The embedded server creates a topic and starts a jetty server to which webclients can connect.

      On a new connection, i create a queue for this client (session.createQueue(queueName, client_id,true);) and the client polls for events.

      If the client id already exists, i create a consumer (session.createConsumer(client_id,selector);)


      Everything is working fine. I've built a management page to display all queues on the server and i can see, that the number of queues is growing with each new client.

      Is there a way to let the client-queue timeout after a while ? Say, after 300 seconds with no connect to that queue the queue shall be deleted from  the server ?



      i can't use hornetq-rest, because we have to emulate another system that has its own syntax for GET requests and response