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    Problem with attribute conversation-required="true"

    kamiq Newbie


      I have a very confused problem with conversation propagation and conversation requirement in Seam 2.2. Maybe i wrong understood documentation. The problem is described below.


      When I add two attribute to test.page.xml (this xml belongs to xhtml called test.xhtml): conversation-required="true", and no-conversation-view-id="/home.xhtml". According to seam documentation, it's correct configuration if  conversation is required before enter to page. Everytyhing works fine, apart from situation when parameter conversationPropagation=join or conversationPropagation=nest is added to url (in s:link often this attribute is added). Then new conversation is created and user can enter on this page. It looks like conversation is created before checking conversation-required attribute.


      Tag <begin-conversation join="true" /> placed inside test.page.xml doesn't create any problems


      Is it properly Seam behaviour, that when conversationPropagation is added to url then conversation is created before checking conversation requirement? In my opinion it's huge problem when e.g. conversation timeout appears.