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    Switchyard not generating "component" tags in switchyard.xml, if workspace-path contains space

    Avadhut Sardeshmukh Newbie


      I am not exactly sure if this is a bug, but most probably it is. Given that I am a newbie, thought of starting a thread here first, instead of filing bug in JIRA. Also not sure if this is fixed in the latest version (0.5 or whatever it is).


      I downloaded switchyard 0.4, and ran the quickstarts (especially, bean service and rule service). I copied the code, modified it a bit to create my "hello-world" example, in my workspace, and it won't work. As in, the project was getting build successfully, but finally, the "component" tags which should be generated for each service, were not getting generated (I had disabled the testing class for all this time). I noticed that the switchyard was on C: and my workspace was on the Desktop (i.e. the path to it contained spaces, as in "Documents and Settings", etc). So I shifted my workspace to C: and it started working. To double check this, I created two new workspaces, one on C:, other on Desktop, created the same project from scratch in both of these workspaces, and ran them. The one on C: generated the switchyard.xml properly, the other one didn't.


      Please correct me if I am getting something wrong. Also, please let me know if I should provide information to reproduce the behaviour.