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    adviseNodeOpened attribute not available in RichFaces 4.x?

    Devan M Newbie

      I am trying to use this adviseNodeOpened attribute and Backing Bean as suggested by RichFaces to display the Tree structure and its folders open / expanded by default when it is first displayed to the User. When I tried to use the Backing Bean I got the 'Import .. cannot be resolved' Error. Also, the Screen shot below. Also, this attribute does not seem to have any effect in the XHTML. Code snippet below:



      <rich:treeNode type="fact" adviseNodeOpened="true" iconExpanded="/resources/images/Folder.png" iconCollapsed="/resources/images/Folder.png">





      I checked in their website (http://docs.jboss.org/richfaces/latest_4_0_X/javadoc/richfaces-components-ui/) as well, and I am not able to find this Attribute in RichFaces 4.x. Is my observation correct? Is there any equivalent way to open the folders by default?