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    Modifying SOAP Address to use SSL in WSDL behind F5

    Nathan Causey Newbie

      Hi All,


      I have been banging my head by reading and trying to figure out how to modify the SOAP Address inside of a WSDL file. The problem I am having is I am deploying to a JBoss5 instance of my application that resides behind and proxy and F5 load balancer. The WSDL must be deployed with the proper SSL/https protocol in order for the outside world to be able to hit the WSDL.


      I have managed to get the correct host in the WSDL by modifying the jboss-beans.xml file insdie of JBoss. This will allow the proper URI in the WSDL with the exception of the port.


          <property name="webServiceHost">url_of_the_application</property>

          <property name="modifySOAPAddress">true</property>

          <property name="webServiceSecurePort">443</property>


      I had read that you can put some configuration in the web.xml file of my deployed application to use the the CONFIDENTIAL transport type. The problem is the trafic that will be coming to the JBoss5 server will only be http traffic. The proxy strips off the https protocal and routes traffic to the JBoss5 server as http. The following will not work for this then.



                    <display-name>WSDL Constraint</display-name>











      Is there any other way to modify the SOAP address in the WSDL easily. Is there a way after the file is deployed in JBoss to then modify it easily. I have read that you can point to a custom WSDL but I really don't want to go that route. I was hoping to use the JBoss deployers to handle this for me as all of the web service hosted on this JBoss5 box will need the same URI/port combination when they are deployed.


      Any help will be appreciated.