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    JRebel and Errai

    Jacob Carter Newbie



      I'm new to Errai and currently trying to get it to work nicely with JRebel.  I've created the kitchensink demo and can build and deploy it to JBoss AS from within Eclipse, and everything works fine.  I can also run it fine with JRebel enabled, however there are issues.


      Firstly, if I make any changes to the shared classes (e.g. Member.java in the kitchensink demo) then I get a load of errors within JBoss AS, issues with message delivery failure and hibernate schema problems.


      I can make changes to the controller and local classes without any problems, however the changes aren't picked up until I refresh the page, and JRebel doesn't always report that it has reloaded the classes (even though it quite obviously has!).


      Has anyone managed to integrate JRebel with Errai seamlessly?  Am I missing something obvious?




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          Anton Arhipov Newbie



          To work with Errai smoothly, JRebel needs some framework-specific integration to react correctly on the changes related to CDI or any other changes that might affect the metadata.

          Do you have the sample application code available online (e.g. github)? Please send the question to JRebel tech. support and the guys can take a look on it then.


          Errai integration was started but since not many users requested it yet the work somewhat staled.