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    Torquebox (JB7) + Apache(mod_cluster) not working.

    avdhoot dendge Newbie

      I am very new to jboss.  Need help to deploy my app.


      I  used mod_cluster apache build. so i can reduce any module related error. url=http://downloads.jboss.org/mod_cluster//1.2.0.Final/mod_cluster-1.2.0.Final-linux2-x64-ssl.tar.gz


      httpd conf & error.log


      Take look at attached screenshoot for mod_cluster_manager


      When try open app url it redirect me  to apache default page. I do not know why it is not forwording  request to Torquebox(JB7).




      Torquebox irc




      There is no need to use ProxyPass directives because mod_cluster automatically configures which URLs have to be forwarded to JBossWEB.


      Please guys help i am working on this issue from last 3 Days.