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    Managing conversations thru url patterns

    Dave seenam Newbie

      In Seam 2 I could configure transaction boundaries via the pages.xml thru something like this


      <begin-conversation join="true"/>


      1. Is there something similar that I can do for SEAM3/Weld ? I want to be able to manage/start conversations when a page with a specific url pattern is accessed.


      2. Also I have a single page with some ajax features within it and I dont have a long standing conversation since this is a standalone page (e.g may be a dashboard). When i make ajax requests from the page (that onlyre-renders a certain widget on the dashboard) does that ajax request result in a new conversation ? in other words is the ajax call considered to be an jsf request thus starting off another transient conversation. this is the behaviour I am seeing right now. Can someone please confirm that this should be the case?


      I am a newbie to SEAM3 and CDI and so any help would be appreciated.