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    How to send reply message to ClientRequestor using Core API

    Thomas Lo Newbie

      I am quite new to HornetQ. I am currently prototyping using HornetQ to provide both PubSub and also Request/Reply. I am hitting a problem in using HornetQ for Request/Reply using ClientRequestor. On the client side I basically created a ClientRequestor which sends the request to an address that is dedicated for the Request/Reply:


           TransportConfiguration server1 = new TransportConfiguration( NettyConnectorFactory.class.getName(), server1Config );

           ServerLocator locator = null;

           if ( hosts.length == 2 )


                HashMap<String,Object> server2Config = new HashMap<String,Object>();

                server2Config.put( "host", hosts[1] );

                server2Config.put( "port", ports[1] );

                TransportConfiguration server2 = new TransportConfiguration( NettyConnectorFactory.class.getName(), server2Config );

                locator = HornetQClient.createServerLocatorWithHA( server1, server2 );




                locator = HornetQClient.createServerLocatorWithoutHA( server1 );


           ClientSessionFactory factory = locator.createSessionFactory();

           clientSession = factory.createSession();

           clientRequestor = new ClientRequestor( clientSession, HornetQConstants.REQUEST_TOPIC );

           ClientMessage requestMessage = clientSession.createMessage( false );

           requestMessage.putBytesProperty( HornetQConstants.DATA, aData );

           ClientMessage responseMessage = clientRequestor.request( requestMessage, 10000 );

           if ( responseMessage == null )


                throw new SystemException( "Timed out waiting for response" );


           return responseMessage.getBytesProperty( HornetQConstants.DATA );



      On the server side, I created a ClientConsumer to receive the request message from the client side and a ClientProducer to send the reply back to the client requestor. I am able to receive the request from the client through ClientConsumer. However, I am not able to send the reply back to the client through ClientProducer to the

      REPLYTO_HEADER_NAME address:


           hornetQ = new EmbeddedHornetQ();

           hornetQ.setConfiguration( configuration );


           ClientSessionFactory clientSessionFactory = serverLocator.createSessionFactory();

           ClientSession responseClientSession = clientSessionFactory.createSession();

           ClientProducer producer = responseClientSession.createProducer();

           SimpleString responseQueue = message.getSimpleStringProperty( ClientMessageImpl.REPLYTO_HEADER_NAME );

           ClientMessage message = responseClientSession.createMessage( false );

           message.putBytesProperty( HornetQConstants.DATA, response );

           producer.send( responseQueue, message );


      The ClientRequestor never receive any data back. And I have been trying to trace the code but got nowhere. Does anyone know what I have done wrong? Many thanks in advance.