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    Does Shutdown of jboss will stop java?

    venugopal c Newbie


           I have installed jboss applicatioin server(4.2.3 GA) on UNIX machine. I started Jboss servedr by running the command opt/jboss/bin/run.sh -b . After that I decided to stop the jboss server. I ran opt/jboss/bin/shutdown.sh -S to shutdown the jboss server. Now jboss service is down.Does this shutdown.sh will stops  the java service as well? But in my case, java service is not shutdown, java is running. Does jboss shutdown will stops java service as well? If yes, can you provide me the steps.


      In SOLARIS(version 10) machine also jboss shutdown was not stoping the java, run.sh services. 


      Or Is there any command to shutdown both jboss and java?




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          Peter Johnson Master

          What do you mean by "java service"?


          When you run run.sh, it starts Jboss AS within a JVM. Thus you will see the "java" process if you do a ps. When you run shutdown.sh, as long as there were no errors and as long as you see in the Jboss AS console and server logs that Jboss AS is shutting down, then the "java" process that was running JBoss AS will go away. (Note that all Java applications show up as a "java" process when you run ps, so even after stopping JBoss AS there could be other Java application running and thus you will still see a "java" process.)