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    Wildcard address on Native Management API call

    thinksteep thinksteep Novice

      Hi Community,  I am trying to use JBoss native management API to retrieve Data source information.     


      I am able to perform "read-resource" operation succesfully on one datasource, for example, "ExampleDS".


      I have 3 datasources configured in my application, how could I perform "Wild card" search on "datasources" subsystem to get all datasources configured?     Any help would be appreciated.


      Thanks for your time.


      ModelControllerClient client = ModelControllerClient.Factory.create(InetAddress.getByName("localhost"), 9999);         

        ModelNode op = new ModelNode();         



      ModelNode address = op.get("address");         

        address.add("subsystem", "datasources");           

      address.add("data-source", "ExampleDS");       

          address.add("statistics", "pool");           

      ModelNode resVal = client.execute(op);