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    Variable Expansion Environment Specific

    jmighion Newbie

      The variable expansion with ${foo} works locally on a Win 32 and 64, jdk 1.6.0_26, EAP 6.0, but on Win Server 2003 with the same jdk and EAP 6.0 the variable expansion doesn't work.


      I have system properties set in standalone.xml like :


              <property name="queueManager" value="some.queue.manager"/>



      Through the cli I can see the variable is set with /system-property=queueManager:read-resource.  When I try to deploy a .war with a reference to ${queueManager} in ejb-jar.xml I get an exception saying it can't find "${queueManager}" instead of "some.queue.manager". 


      It also works locally when setting the variable in standalone.conf.bat with -DqueueManager=some.queue.manager, but not on the Win Server 2003 environment.


      Are there any environment specific constraints I should know of or might this be a bug?