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    Agile BPMN - existing workflow, now need to (parallel) split

    darren hartford Expert

      Hey all,

      I have a scenario where I already know a node may cause/trigger multiple tokens to go through the same path.   I'm trying to figure out now, while I'm learning, how would you handle this if you didn't know before hand.



      Have a simple workflow.



      in node B, a human task, they determine that this should be multiple different/independent 'tokens' that each independently go through C->D->end.


      Example: List of items are collected into an Order.  The order needs to be shipped, but was originally setup as a single 'order' and 'shipment', but may end up becoming 1-N shipments.  Node C does inventory (potentially shipment at different times/different locations) and D does printing of mailing labels for this example.


      My first pass at this problem would be to instead create TWO different workflows, since they would have different volume of tokens going through:

      start->A->B->end   (1 per order, with node B determining number of and items in (each) shipment)

      (multi-start 2nd process) start->C->D->end (N number of shipments).


      However, if you are trying to be agile and you *already* have a workflow that is A all the way to D, splitting up the workflow into two different workflows once already in production doesn't make sense.   Thoughts on the manner (maybe I'm wrong and you do need to create two workflows)?


      Thanky, this is academic/planning ahead!