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    Thread leakage in long run in JMS messaging

    Bhaskar Ethirajulu Newbie



      Our application has around 10 Java modules. We are using JBOSS App server and JMS messaging for synchronous and asynchronous intercommunication between these modules.

      The thread threshold we maintained for our application is 600. But when we do longrun on the application for 2 to 3 days without doing any stress test the thread count has been slowly increasing to more than 1000. The order of thread leakage is unpredictable.


      When we run Jstack on the bin location of jdk path we are able to see around 450 threads which are alive and occured during JMS messaging. Please find below the origination of the thread messge.


      Please find below the thread origination messages.


      Thread 29704: (state = IN_NATIVE)

      - java.net.SocketInputStream.socketRead0(java.io.FileDescriptor, byte[], int, int, int) @bci=0 (Interpreted frame)

      - java.net.SocketInputStream.read(byte[], int, int) @bci=84, line=129 (Interpreted frame)

      - java.net.SocketInputStream.read() @bci=23, line=182 (Interpreted frame)

      - java.io.FilterInputStream.read() @bci=4, line=66 (Compiled frame)

      - org.jboss.remoting.transport.bisocket.BisocketServerInvoker$ControlConnectionThread.run() @bci=18, line=741 (Interpreted frame)


      Can any one please respond quickly on this. This has to be fixed before moving it to production.