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    Is this a problem while I build JBoss Web

    qikun zhou Newbie

      I checkouted the source code from JBoss Web SVN repository URL: http://anonsvn.jboss.org/repos/jbossweb/tags/JBOSSWEB_2_1_12_GA.

      When I builded the source by ant download ,the below error appeared.


      jbossweb-deps\jdt-src\src\plugins\org.eclipse.jdt.core\model does not exist.


      I checked the build.xml,modified the 846 line as below, then successed.



      <fileset dir="${jasper-jdt-src.home}/src/plugins/org.eclipse.jdt.core/model">


      <fileset dir="${jasper-jdt-src.home}/plugins/org.eclipse.jdt.core/model">


      Is this a problem or miss in build.xml?