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    wsprovide, Error: Could not load class

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      Something is missing in the guidelines of wsprovide at these pages. The example with the Echo.java, wsprovide will throw an "Error: Could not load class"...




      That's the suggested Echo.java

      package echo;
      public class Echo
         public String echo(String input)
            return input;


      That's the suggested compile and wsprovide command

      [root@rhel6 test_wsprovide]# javac -d . -classpath jboss-jaxws.jar Echo.java
      [root@rhel6 test_wsprovide]# find .
      [root@rhel6 test_wsprovide]# /usr/share/jbossas/bin/wsprovide.sh -w echo.Echo
      Error: Could not load class [echo.Echo]. Did you specify a valid --classpath?



      This one works  (note: no -classpath jboss-jaxws.jar for javac, but a --classpath=. for wsprovide.sh):

      [root@rhel6 test_wsprovide]# javac -d .  Echo.java
      [root@rhel6 test_wsprovide]# /usr/share/jbossas/bin/wsprovide.sh -w --classpath=. echo.Echo
      Could not find log4j.xml configuration, logging to console.
      java2ws -s /tmp/test_wsprovide/output -classdir /tmp/test_wsprovide/output -d /tmp/test_wsprovide/output -verbose -wsdl -cp /tmp/test_wsprovide/./: -wrapperbean -createxsdimports echo.Echo
      java2ws - Apache CXF 2.4.6-redhat-1


      IMHO, the documentation needs to be fixed, or wsprovide should have a default classpath of "."