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    Envers Set merge / ManyToOne Cascade Update Problem

    Dominik Neumayer Newbie

      Hi guys, I am new here and have some questions:


      I want to make historical data back to the current, so I have for each entity a dropDownBox where I list al revisions where you can select one and make it current.

      I've two classes. Patient 1---*  Untersuchung





      1. can I do something like that or make hibernate envers do that ?






      When I change data in the (One)Patient-Entity a new revisionnumber in Patient_AUD will be created.

      When I ADD or DELETE a (Many-Entity) Untersuchung, then in (One)Patient_AUD there also

      a new revisionno will be created - but when I CHANGE data in (Many)Untersuchung, NO

      new REVISIONENTRY in (One)Patient_AUD will be created.


      Is there a way to do it automatically, or do I have to make "dummy-changes" in (One)

      Patient during a change of the (Many) Untersuchung to keep it current.?


      Thx, Dominik

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          Adam Warski Master

          1. No, there is currently no way like that to link back to historical entities. You will have to keep the revision number I guess and read it on-demand.

          2. That's correct, as the Patient entity isn't changed (whether Patient is changed when you add/remove an Untersuchung is discussable and configurable. No way to automatically change the Patient, as there's no way to know which entities are in the same graph.



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            Dominik Neumayer Newbie

            Ok, thank you for securing my assumption.

            @1: due to the incomparability of revisionEntity and currentEntity (entityManager.contains(revisionEntity and vice versa) always returns false, even it's the same entity)

            so I put both on Hashtables (with objectId as id) to compare it and create a delete- and a mergePersistList, which I have to

            remove/merge manually.


            @2: So, I will create a "dirty" solution and add or delete a blank of a text-column in the (One) Patient during the update of (Many) Untersuchung

            to keep it current.


            Thank you Adam for doing such great work here!