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    Seam + Web Service for login

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      I don't know if I am asking in the right forum, if not I am sorry.

      In my company, I am working in the follownig task: our client has a main system (cloud system) and they want to access our system through their main system, which means, the client will login in our system through its system so our system login page should not be shown. This must be implemented as a Web Service.
      I am new in JBoss Seam. I am implementing the Web Service (the client has some kind of manual for integrating other systems with its system) but I have one question: I have seen that the workflow calls always the login page firstival. How can I do the system skip this login page only for this client?
      PS:We can imply that the username/password is correct, so we don't need to test it.





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