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    Using Drools/Guvnor with Bonita BPM

    Eric Snyder Newbie

      I have been looking at business process management solutions lately. After my search I decided to give Bonita a try (before I saw jBPM). Bonita has "connectors" that interface with Drools. The docs are very poor on the Bonita site. I am having a hard time understanding which connector to use. Bonita has the following connectors for using Drools:



      What I want to do is to set up some simple dynamic rules that retrieves a list of email addresses depending on which task Bonita is executing:


      When task = "start" then return list of email addresses


      Is there anyone here that has experience with Bonita?

      Out of the above list of Bonita connectors (judging from the titles) which one would I need to look at first?


      Thanks in advance...