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    meaning/reason of (a4j:log) 'class  java.lang.RuntimeException' / 'object not found: 0'

    Axel Roeber Newbie



      I have some difficulties to (re)render a rich:popupPanel. I added <a4j:log> to get an idea what could be the reason. I assume that the problem is independend of the popup component. But the aj4:commandLink seems to raise an error. Even if all actions were remoded, there is still this error in the a4j:log panel. This is only a small part of a complex page but everything else seems to work fine.


      <rich:dataTable value="#{...}" var="prj">




      <a4j:commandLink  value="#{prj.name}" title="..."  />



      Clicking on one of the links in the table the following output is shown in the aj4:log panel:


      debug[12:20:13.878]: New request added to queue. Queue requestGroupingId changed to j_idt66:0:j_idt343:j_idt78

      debug[12:20:13.880]: Queue will wait 0ms before submit

      debug[12:20:13.882]: richfaces.queue: will submit request NOW

      info [12:20:13.890]: Received 'begin' event from <a id=j_idt66:0:j_idt343:j_idt78 ...>

      info [12:20:15.053]: Received 'beforedomupdate' event from <a id=j_idt66:0:j_idt343:j_idt78 ...>

      debug[12:20:15.059]: Server returned responseText: <?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?> <partial-response><error><error-name>class java.lang.RuntimeException</error-name><error-message><![CDATA[object not found: 0]]></error-message></error></partial-response>

      info [12:20:15.066]: Element error
      <error><error-name>class   java.lang.RuntimeException</error-name><error-message><![CDATA[object not found: 0]]></error-message></error>

      debug[12:20:15.069]: richfaces.queue: ajax submit error

      debug[12:20:15.071]: richfaces.queue: Nothing to submit

      error[12:20:15.075]: Received 'error@serverError' event from <a id=j_idt66:0:j_idt343:j_idt78 ...>

      error[12:20:15.078]: [200] class java.lang.RuntimeException: object not found: 0

      info [12:20:15.079]: Received 'complete' event from <a id=j_idt66:0:j_idt343:j_idt78 ...>

      debug[12:20:15.081]: richfaces.queue: ajax submit successfull

      debug[12:20:15.082]: richfaces.queue: Nothing to submit


      Any idea what could be the reason or how to get more information to analyze the problem?


      I am using RF 4.2.2 with Mojara/Facelets 2.1.2.