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    Bad network transfer rate with JDBC why?

    Daniel Georges Newbie

      Hi !

      I have written an Web-Application that uses JBoss&Tomcat.
      I use Entity Beans for the DB-access. I have tested it local and it takes about 21s for inserting about 700 records. I use DB2 as DB. It doesn't differ if I use the
      net or app-Driver (local) the result is the same. But if I connect to a DB on an other PC in the LAN (Fast Ethernet) it takes abou 200s???? Why?, the network monitor doesn't shows any high traffic. If I use the DB2-Connect on the loacal machine to connect the DB on the other machine it works in 25s. This is okay. I guess
      that there are some parameters (packet-lenght MTU) or something to configure in JDBC or in JBoss. Are there any experiences??? My jboss.jcml is lke this



      Thanks Dan