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    Wicket and JBoss

    Stephen Walsh Newbie

      I have a desktop computer at home which all of my development work, but I also have a laptop that will function as a mobile development platform.


      I'm attempting to get my jboss-as7.1.1 installation on RackSpace to serve my application at my sub-domain.  I have been researching for days trying to figure out how to even use JBoss.  As far as I can tell, there isn't a how to on this.  I can deploy my app to my local server, but it always goes to localhost:8080.  If this is a fully functional root directory type app, why the need for the port number in the domain?  Is there a way to remove this so that my app is just sitting at localhost/ ?  This begs the question: how do you deploy to a specific location?


      The documentiation seems to be wonderful for someone who has used JBoss before, but not for beginners like me.


      Thanks for any help you can offer a newbie.

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          Stuart Douglas Master

          You just change the port in standalone.xml from 8080 to 80 (its right down the bottom of the file, a find + replace for 8080 should do it).

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            Stephen Walsh Newbie

            Excellent!  That takes care of the first item.  Thank you, Stuart!

            EDIT: I tried this, but did not have any luck...  I tried on my localhost as well as my domain.  The only that has changed in my standalone.xml is the interfaces for mapping to my IP address.


            Whether port 8080 or just 80, I'm not able to figure out how to distinguish between a sub-domain and a root.  If I wanted a blog app at blog.mydomain.com and everything else at www.mydomain.com, how would I tell JBoss to do that?


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