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    Determining available transitions

    stevearoonie Newbie

      Hi all,


      I am looking at replacing jBPM 3 with 5 and there is one feature of 3 that we use extensively that I am not sure how to do in 5 - we send to the client application (not a web app) the set of transitions that the current user is able to take for the selected task. This allows us to alter and redeploy a workflow and have the UI automatically pick up new/changed transitions.


      I gather that in version 5/BPMN2 outgoing transitions would be implemented by an XOR split that would use data added in the completion of the task node to choose the correct path, but I have not seen any examples where you can retrieve the set of valid transitions from anywhere. Before I go ahead with some custom implementation is there some recommended way to do this, or a different approach I should be using?


      thanks in advance


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          Mauricio Salatino Master

          My gut feeling is that your requirement can be implemented in a different way.

          Can you please explain your business requirement and also the technical requirement of doing those hot redeployments of processes? It sounds that if you need to alter something related with the process you can handle that with rules, but once again, the important thing is the business requirement.


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            stevearoonie Newbie

            Hi Mauricio,


            Thanks for the quick reply.


            See for example the following jbpm 3 process definition




            In our application, when the user opens up a task in task-node-1 they are presented with the options "complete" and "needs follow-up". In jBPM 5, given the transitions are not really associated to the task node, how would I determine what transition options I should display to the user?


            Note, I am not concerned with migrating running process instances to the new workflow, I am just not sure how we determine the available transitions in jBPM 5 (or how we would do it some other way).




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              Alessandro Dionisi Newbie

              Hi steve,

              Did you find any solution to your problem? I'm facing the same aspect in my jPDL -> JBPM 5 migration tests.



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                stevearoonie Newbie

                No, I still haven't found a solution. I have also run some of my process definitions through the jbpmmigration project - they run through ok but they fail to open (in the eclipse BPMN editor) due to "this type of node cannot have more than one outgoing connection!"


                I have been searching for any tips on how to convert from one to the other but have not found anything useful.