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    seam 3 identity on a cluster

    kelly goedert Apprentice



      Everything that I read on the forum tells me that I should have no problems running a seam 3 application o jboss cluster. I also read on seam security docs that the Identity is a session scoped bean. So I assume that it would be replicated between nodes. Am I wrong in my assumption?


      If I log into my application and the request goes to node1, I login without problem. If I shut the node down, my request goes to node 2 as expected but I am not considered to be logged in anymore.


      What can be wrong?


      Thanks for the help.



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          zeeman Novice

          JSF is stateful, so you need to have sessions replication if you're going to have clustering. So all of your session beans get replicated, if a node dies, another will be able to serve the request. Don't expect to scale much with stateful designs.


          If you want to avoid this, you can put a hash of user identity in cookie and check on each request, so you move to stateless. JSF 2.2 will have a stateless mode.Stateless is the way to go but it's hard to acheive.