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    How to set the condition on a XOR Gateway using guvnor web designer

    Christian Witschel Newbie

      Dear All,


      Either I am blind folded or guvnor lacks the possibility to use XOR Gateways effectively.


      1. I am adding a XOR (Data-based exclusive (XOR) Gateway as its called).

      2. in the properties I give it the Name: approval successfull?

      3. Add one incomming connection and 2 outgoing (one labelled yes the other no)


      There is a process variable [approval] of type boolean. this is set in the preceeding user task.

      All this was done in jBPM 5.3s Guvnor, jBPM Designer Web 2.3 Release version.


      How do I make the XOR use the process variable [approval]? Please dont tell me it can only be done with the eclipse plugin.