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extendeddatatable - attached contextmenu dissapears after column move

Sascha Janz Master

i am using still richfaces 3.3.3


i got an extendeddatatable with an attached contextmenu.


if you move a column via drag and drop  the contextmenu has gone away.


i already set the "reRender" property of the table to the menu , but without any effect.



sample source








<rich:contextMenu id="menu" attached="true" style="z-index:200"

       attachTo="table" event="oncontextmenu">



  <rich:extendedDataTable value="#{Bean.dataModel}" 
      var="wf" id="table" rowKeyVar="rkv"  enableContextMenu="false" 
       selectedClass="active-row" frame="void"  reRender="menu"
      tableState="#{Bean.resultstate}" selection="#{Bean.selection}"
      rows="14" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" rowClasses="odd-row,even-row"
      width="1240px" height="392px" border="0">
      <rich:column label="#{Text.get('LABEL_COLUMN1')}" id="rc1" ...