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    "Wait Modal Panel"

    Thomas Spragg Newbie

      I have the situation where when the user makes a call to the managed bean I need to display a "Waiting" Modal panel and poll the database until a value gets updated. When that value gets updated I will return control to the user. The problem is that the Modal panel gets released before the actual database change is made. I need to keep the user from pressing any buttons until the process is complete.


      Any Ideas.


      I have tried the progress bar to no avail.


      I thought of polling or even pushing but not sure how to make this work.


      Thanks for any ideas or Help.

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          Christian Peter Expert

          which version of richfaces are you using?


          do you use an a4j:poll to fetch the data or: check if the database queries are completed?


          If you are simple doing an action like from a a4j:commandLink or something similar, you could use a4j:status to show a modaldialog (i'd use jquery dialogs here not the buildin rf modalpanels) when the request begins and hide it when it's done.

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            iabughosh Master

            Hello Thomas,

            you can do something like this :


            <a4j:commandButton actionListener="#{yourDBPollMethod}"