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    Help with Java+Netbeans+JBoss+JMS+EJBs




      I am working on converting a two-tier Java desktop application to a three-tier application.  This is a desktop application and uses the Swing Application Framork (SAF) as its UI.  This is NOT a web application. It does not and is not intended to run inside a browser.


      Because of the SAF dependency, I am limited to NetBeans 7.0.1.Because of a dependency on DCM4CHE (a back-end medical picture archiving service), I am dependent on JBoss 4.2.3 and MySQL 5.1 (although we have recently successfully moved to MySQL 5.5 and we're in teh process of moving to JBoss 5 and, I hope, JBoss 6).


      I am looking for a COMPLETE example of how to create a Java application that is built in NetBeans and communicates with queues on a JBoss server using JMS.  The otherwise excellent HornetQ examples all have Ant scripts but run independently and I did not understand how to integrate any of that code into my NetBeans application.  NetBeans gives some examples on using JMS, but they target the GlassFish server.  I haven't yet located a complete, end-to-end, enterprise application that is pure Java - i.e., no web pages. Can anyone help with links, suggestions, etc.  And, I know SAF is a dead-end; moving to the NetBeans 7.1 platform or JavaFX is another project.  Right now, I just have to concentrate on moving all the database code to the server and figure out how to create a messaging system between the Java/Swing client and the JBoss-hosted JMS queues, MDB and EJBs.  Thanks in advance!