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    Virtual Directory Mapping on JBoss

    gazer1912 Newbie

      Hey Guys, I'm kinda a newbie on JBoss. I'd like to apply a virtual directory mapping on my JBoss server.


      I understand on Tomcat we can create a multi layer context path e.g $CATALINA_HOME/conf/Catalina/localhost/foo#bar.xml with the content having <Context docBase="/var/www/fileserv" />. This means calling http://localhost:8080/foo/bar/picture1.jpg would actually opens the file inside /var/www/fileserv/picture1.jpg.


      I apply this on JBoss with the understanding it will behave the same based on here. But the mapping doesn't seem to work. It did work if I put the <Context docBase="..."/> inside server.xml in the <Host>, but I'm just curious whether it's possible to configure the multi layer context in JBoss the same way like in Tomcat (using contextroot#folder.xml)


      Has anybody experienced this before? Thank you.