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    Marshall generator server side

    Marcel Pater Newbie

      Is it possible to call the Marshalling generator for serverside code? I have some classes which can't be added to the client package. I tried already to set the


      errai.marshalling.serializableTypes=com.on2off.prototype.server.share.model.entry.Entry \



      without success. It seems to be ignored. The logging of the marshalling generator is unverbose. is there a way to make it more verbose?

      Am I missing something.

      I am using version 2.1.0 beta as the marshalling generator did not work at all for my classes(i read that there was a problem with lists).


      Another question is: is there a way to use reflection for a global marshaller?


      Btw. @Inject RequestDispatcher is also not working in version 2.0.1 final.