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    Can the host containing the domain controller, host "Servers" ?

    Ranga Raju Venkata Surya Newbie



      Can the host which is hosting the domain controller, host "Servers" or do the "Servers" have to be on a different host where the host controller is configured ?

      As per this link: https://docs.jboss.org/author/display/AS7/Admin+Guide#AdminGuide-ManagedDomain   it seems to suggest that host that hosts domain controller does not host "Servers". Reason for this question is: in my environment, I have two hosts (host1, host2) and we need two JVM cluster on these hosts along with domain controller on it. So I was wondering if I need to have two IPs setup for one of the hosts (say host1) and then have one IP configured as domain controller host and the other IP configured to host one of the "Servers". Then host2 would host another Server on it ?


      Kindly advice ?


      Thanks in Advnace...