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    Load balancing behaviour

    Stefano Nichele Newbie


      i would like to ask your help in order to better understand how load-balancing works using mod-cluster (indeed i think the questions are appliable to mod_jk and mod-proxy as well).


      In my environmnet i have 3 apache 2.2.22 instances and 3 tomcat 7.0.27 instances.


      In front of apache instances I use Amazon ELB (load-balancer round robin DNS based).


      All my tomcat instances are configured with 200 threads (using ajp connector).


      Now the questions :-) :

      1. am i wrong expecting the whole system able to handle 600 HTTP concurrent client requests ?

      2. What value for  maxClients i have to set in each httpd instances ? At this time i'm not sure between 200 (as each tomcat) or 600 (as total number of tomcat threads).

      3. supposing to set 600 as maxClients on every httpd instance, it means that a single httpd could exaust all the threads of a single tomcat instance. If this is true, the other 2 httpd will see that tomcat as not working ?


      Please helpmeee...


      Thanks in advance